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Think You Know Moore Park?
Take this little quiz, which references material in Historic Moore Park.

If you get 0-5 answers right, we suggest you buy Historic Moore Park to learn a little more about our neighbourhood.
If you get 6-9 answers right, we suggest you buy Historic Moore Park: you’re clearly keen on history.
If you get 10 answers right, we would like your help editing a future edition of Historic Moore Park!

1. When surveyed by the Town of York in 1793, Lot #16 (now Moore Park) consisted mostly of:

(a) Oak forest
(b) Maple forest
(c) Moss and small shrubs
(d) Evergreen forest
(e) Birch forest

2. John Thomas Moore, principal founder of Moore Park, was also:

(a) A Chartered Accountant
(b) Alderman for St. Paul’s Ward
(c) First member for Red Deer in Alberta’s provincial legislature
(d) President of the Alberta Central Railway
(e) All of the above

3. In the 1700s and early 1800s, a stream that ran through “Moore Park” was strong enough to (and did) power a saw mill:

True or False?

4. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (as Duke and Duchess of York) laid the cornerstone for Whitney Public School in 1925:

True or False?

5. Name the famous person who did not live in Moore Park:

(a) Discoverer of insulin, Sir Frederick Banting
(b) Air Ace Billy Bishop
(c) Musician Healey Willan
(d) Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden (
e) Toronto mayor Allan Lamport

6. Army barracks, located on the hill west of McLennan, burned to the ground in a devastating fire in 1923. Erected for demobilization purposes during the war, these wood and tarpaper structures became a “roaring furnace”:

True or False

7. Frances Loring and Florence Wyle, residents of Moore Park from 1913 to 1961, are memorialized in the parkette at St. Clair and Mt. Pleasant for their contributions to:

(a) Medicine
(b) Sculpture
(c) Bilingualism in Canada
(d) Animal rights
(e) Ballroom dancing

8. Moorevale Park sits on land once owned by:

(a) Billy Bishop
(b) Mackenzie King
(c) Sir John Eaton
(d) Joseph Inglewood
(e) William Glenrose

9. Our Lady of Perpetual Help School was opened in 1923 under the name:

(a) St. Michael’s School
(b) St. Anne’s School
(c) All Angels School
(d) St. Francis of the Oaks School
(e) St. Charles School

10. The literary works Wild Animals I Have Known (featuring “Redfruff the Don Valley Partridge”) and Two Little Savages, both considered to be set, in part, in the Moore Park Ravine, are by author:

(a) Stephen Leacock
(b) Margaret Atwood
(c) Ernest Thompson Seton
(d) Mordecai Richler
(e) Morley Callaghan


1. (a)
2. (e)
3. True
4. False
5. (d)
6. True
7. (b)
8. (c)
9. (e)
10. (c)

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