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The Moore Park Residents Association mission is to identify, advocate and act on neighbourhood concerns in order to enhance Moore Park.


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The guest speakers were MPP Jessica Bell and Councillor Mike Layton. Thanks for these notes provided by Mike Layton’s office.

  1. Clean-up of the ravines and pathways in and around Moore Park
  2. a) Various “emergency” or special projects are planned for Yellow Creek/Vale of Avoca – notably the Heath Crescent slope stabilization and stair replacement, the Rose Park Crescent mudslide and the collapsed city storm drain under the St. Clair bridge. A considerable amount of debris resulted from the Rose Park Crescent mudslide including retaining walls and fences Can you provide expected start dates for physical work on each these projects together with the expected duration for each i.e. expected completion date.
  • Started Aug 2019 and work was to be completed in 2020
  • Due to erosion removal of stone retaining wall was needed as well as realignment of slope
  • April 17/20  east side of trail at the south end of Vale of Avoca reopened to public but access is still restricted
  • Substantial completion – Early-Mid Spring 2020
  • Repairs to access road – Late Spring 2020
  • Interim restoration – Late Spring 2020
  • Final restoration – TBD
Emergency Works


Below Summerhill Gardens

Planning Completed Construction Completed May 2020

-monitoring monthly

Emergency Works


Rose Park Cres

Planning Spring 2020 About to file EA documents + then tendering – might have delays due to C19


Construction possibly Fall


Erosion and Slope Stabilization


Heath St E

Planning Summer 2020 Construction Fall


St Clair Outfall



Planning Completed Construction Summer 2020 City of Toronto


  1. b) We understand that the geomorphic study has started for Yellow Creek/Vale of Avoca. Are you able to provide a rough timeline for when actual physical work will commence and the anticipated duration, including information on possible staging and trail use interruptions for this major project.  And while we understand that the city does not plan to undertake any work on the trail system in advance of the main project. Some portions of the trail network will clearly be unaffected by the project and are in serious need of repair most notably the trail entrance and the first few hundred feet of trail near the north west corner of the St. Clair bridge. The deteriorated state currently attracts “undesirable” abuse and further decay. With COVID-19, ravine access is increasingly important. Is there any opportunity for the city to reconsider.
  • Park staff is monitoring the condition of the slope and there may be the potential to perform work on upper pathway systems if degradation occurs, but staff has recommended  awaiting the end results of the study before making substantial investment into remediation and trail work. The Councillor has raised this with staff many times and each time the answer is the same.

After the last working group meeting, the plan continues to be to work with residents on a plan for pathways and to discuss the entrances to the ravines. The role of the working group is to ensure that we are completely overlapping this work and there is close to zero time between the conclusion of the assessment and the reconstruction of the trail system, but if staff is able to be certain work on something like the entrances can proceed without concern, our office would work to allocate funds sooner rather than later.

Our office plans to meet with Parks capital in the coming months to see if there is the potential to assign funds for entranceway work in 2021.

  1. c) TRCA and the city should be congratulated for the excellent work done on the Summerhill Gardens project. There are a quite a few people interested in participating in one or more community based tree planting events once COVID-19 permits. TRCA has already expressed interest. What can we do now to plan for such events and get the ball rolling?
  • There are a couple of areas associated with the recent work that the TRCA just completed and are suitable for planting.

Due to the COVID situation,  Urban Forestry and all divisions are  following the recommendations from health officials with respect to public events. The earliest UF could plant would be this fall.

UF will keep our office and residents up to date as things change.

Traffic Concerns

  • Please note that due to the large number of traffic review requests from Moore Park our office requested through Joe Gallippi that we host a community traffic meeting to seek feedback from the community and conduct a traffic review of the entire area before making further changes. I was in the process of organizing one in June before the of end of school year as Covid 19 hit.
  • I submitted a deliverables list to TS for 2020 in January which included some of the scheduled work listed below; however, with so much of TS staff redeployed to roll out ActiveTO , CurbTO and other C19 related initiatives, staff has had to place many to the scheduled projects on hold.
  1. Moore Ave and Welland: refreshment of pavement markings (completed) until civil work can be done to install pedestrian crossing including new curb depressions + tactile plates- 2020 ( could not obtain an update on timelines)
  2. Moore Ave and the Beltline crossing: PXO to be installed in 2020 ( given Covid 19 and the number of people out walking I asked for this to be expedited)
  • The PXO at  Moore Ave east of Welland is currently being awarded in a contract and planned for construction in the spring of 2021. Our office is working with staff to determine whether this project can be completed by fall this year. We should have a better idea once the contract is awarded and staff have a better idea of timelines.
  1. Mt Pleasant and Roxborough intersection re-design – 2020
  • Mount Pleasant at Roxborough intersection design is ready and issuance of tender is on hold at this time by Transportation  Planning and Capital Program.

Front Yard Parking Report:

As Mike mentioned, this report was scheduled to come forward in May of this year but will now be going to IEC in September. As we are still unclear of what exactly will be addressed in this report, other than what is listed in the link below, we have asked for a conference call with City staff for clarification. I believe that will take place in the next couple of weeks. I will touch base with you both once we have had that conversation.



New update for TTC riders: TTC COVID-19 Update May 21 2020_

Our Ward 11 Councillor Mike Layton’s team has created a resource guide for residents to assist with issues arising from Covid-19. We also encourage you to subscribe to the Councillor’s e-newsletters as his staff is working hard to provide the latest important information.


Car thieves have the ability to hijack key fobs. For some tips on how to prevent your car from being stolen this way select here


One of the most beautiful aspects of our neighbourhood is the system of ravines. The annual general meeting included two third-party presentations about ravine issues:

  • A summary (with slides) of the Toronto Ravine Revitalization Study, which evaluates the health of our ravines. See the PowerPoint explainer.
  • A presentation about an invasive plants species called Japanese Knotweed, which is a “growing” threat to our local plant life See the PowerPoint explainer.


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